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Mothers United

Join and connect with game-changing mothers who will change the world!

We believe in the power of unconditional love as a force for global change, and that Mothers are gifted with that power. We believe as Mothers United, we can raise the next generation of global citizens.

The Power of

Unconditional Love



Mothers United was birthed in March of 2018. When Francisca Mandeya turned 48, the age her mother died, she wondered if her mother had lived a fulfilling life? “Did Mama do everything that she wanted to do?” She reflected. 

Grief got her to think about her own legacy. “If I died today, the age my mother died, would I say I lived my life to the full?” She asked herself. Her mother left a legacy of love and courage.  Born girl number three in a succession of girls in 1970, when girls were not of equal value with boys; and enduring the pain of both gender and racial injustice from her childhood to her womanhood, Francisca knew that before she died, she wanted to dismantle the systems that caused her pain and trauma and make the world more loving, equal and free.

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