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Think before you speak. Read before you think.” - Fran Lebowitz

that are changing the narrative

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harness your maternal power?

Seeing through our own bias and programmed behaviours does not come naturally. 

This is why we come together to work as one towards our common goal of gender and racial equality.

Francisca Mandeya is here to help guide you through the beginning of the rest of your life. 

The call is free; all that is missing is you.

My child.

I celebrate the gift of your life. I will endeavor to love you unconditionally.

Our Readers

and what they're saying

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Thank you for the courage to write

the much needed unfiltered pre-colonial facts and unmasked post colonial adversities, filled with sacred stories of resilience that influence our identities as racialized people. We can’t heal from historical traumas, racial traumas and intergenerational traumas until we learn from the past and this book does exactly that and more.

Shayla Dube, MSW, RSW:

Anti-Oppressive Mental Health Therapist

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Truly a must read.

Those who have read her previous work already know that Mandeya’s voice is a strong and powerful one.   Searching For Racial Equality couldn’t be more personal - the book wouldn’t be the important manuscript that it is if Mandeya wasn’t who SHE is.  And yet  the message is universal - and this book, as painful as it may be in some parts, lays out a roadmap to the future and a path to renewal - and that we can get there - together.

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The Search for Racial Equality is a profound testimony

of the author's life and experiences with racial injustice around the world.  Her shared wisdom, insights, personal vulnerability and compassionate guidance helps us to not only understand the inequalities that have happened and continue to happen, but to empower each of us to embrace and put into action our much needed contributions to create an equal, just, kind and loving world for all. 

Sharla Brown, founder of One Woman International and 100 Most Powerful Women

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